A Gira city,
Galveias Palace,
Campo Pequeno Square.

Our neighborhood belongs to the 19th century! Right in front of the Lemon Garden Residence, you can rent a bicycle, the Gira, and walk through almost all of Lisbon via bike paths. It is also possible to visit the Palácio das Galveias, our neighbour across the street, where you can enjoy the Library or its garden. If you want to watch a show, have dinner on a nice terrace, do some shopping you can always go to Praça do Campo Pequeno.

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Campo Grande,

Down the avenue, you can stroll through Jardim do Campo Grande or even play a little Tennis or Paddle. You are not far from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Gardens! On Sundays it is possible to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art free of charge.

Going up the avenue, you can go to Pastelaria Versailles or the Choupana! Go to Praça do Saldanha, where you can go to the Monumental Cinema and visit the three shopping centers (Monumental, Residence and Atrium). You can go to Praça Marquês de Pombal and even go down to Av da Liberdade and stop at the Hard Rock Cafe!

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Praça de Londres,
Avenida de Roma,

Another tour option, very close to our Residence, is the Praça de Londres and Avenida de Roma. There is a lot of local commerce that you can visit. Two of our suggestions are: Fruta Almeida for a natural fruit juice and Conchanata Ice Cream!

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Cidade Universitária